So, here’s where it starts. Having commuted from the Midlands to London everyday for the past year or so I have started trying to make the most of this time.

Whilst working digitally as a matte painter in VFX I must admit I do miss the simplicity and feel of good old pencil and paper…. so what better way to utilise my 50 minute commute than to crack out a sketchbook. So now, whenever the train is not too packed (ie. I get a double seat to myself…need the elbow room!) I’m determined to get down on paper the random thoughts/images rattling around in my head.

I generally get to put in 30 minutes of sketching time per trip – need time to wake up in the morning and depending on how bumpy the train ride is each day – and allow myself anywhere up to 5 commutes per image, so I guess each sketch is between 1-2 hours start to finish (or not quite finished in certain cases)

Hope you enjoy them